October 8, 2014

Combining 2 Passions ♥

 I love digital photography!  Long gone are the days of dropping off a roll of film
and hoping and praying that the pictures turned out.  Or worse yet, accidentally 
exposing the film to light, ruining precious vacation or birthday pictures. (ouch)

It's fun to combine passions and that's just what I've been doing.
Skydiving and Knitting you ask?

Well, those are 2 of my passions, bit not the ones I wanted to tell you about.
(not sure I could combine those 2 anyway)

Nature & Photography
Now those I can enjoy simultaneously!

I recently opened an online Etsy shop as a way of sharing what I love.
Nature is definitely the main theme of my photography.... but
 since my nickname is TerBear, I just might have to slip a few Teddy Bear
photos in there as well.

Please take a peek by clicking on the link above 
and let me know what you think.