February 25, 2009

My Trio of Bears

You may remember the little bear holding the shorts from a previous post. At that point, the poor fellow was without a body. I completed that block and gave him two cute friends. I made a pillow with the "Slippery Soap" square. I'm still trying to decide if I am happy with it. I could easily make it into something else, I'm just not sure what. If I had more background fabric, I would make an even number of blocks and do a little wall hanging. Any suggestions for this cute trio?

February 21, 2009

Swirling Koi - Courtesy of Sara

My daughter Sara just finished this painting. I LOVE it!
When she paints, she loses all sense of time.
To me, that is the definition of peace and contentment.
How blessed she is to have found something
so soothing to her, and so beautiful to others.

February 18, 2009

Embroidery Block of the Month

I serendipitously came across a fun "Christmas Block Of the Month" courtesy of Gail Pan Designs. A link to her site can be found in the sidebar. Please let me know if you decide to follow along. There will be 9 blocks total which should leave enough time to finish the quilt by December. At least that's the general plan. Since I've already cut and sewed all the blocks, I'm off to a great start. I waited to see February's block, which says Merry, before deciding on a color scheme. The main embroidery colors are purple, violet, (two of my favorites!) red, and green. I know that purple and violet are not typical Christmas colors but....... I'm no typical girl. Hey that reminds me. They give discounts on three or more for skydiving. Any takers? Maybe they'll even let us use purple parachutes. It never hurts to ask. :-)

February 15, 2009

Does Modesty Begin In 1st Grade?

A few months ago Sara took my grandson Issac in for a physical. The nurse directed them to the exam room and told Sara to have Issac strip down to his undies and wait for the doctor. Issac must have been so preoccupied with all the "gadgets" that he didn't hear the instructions. Sara removed his shirt and told him to take his pants off before the doctor arrived. He turned to her with a look of shock and said, "You've gotta' be kidding me!" Sara tried not to giggle. She assured him that it would be okay. She told him that Mommy and Daddy have to do the same thing. Knowing that, he felt a bit better. I laugh each time I think of his comment. Children are so precious!

February 11, 2009

Thanks Mom and Dad!

47 years ago today I made my grand entrance
into the world.
Thanks Mom and Dad.....
I couldn't have done it without you! ;-)