July 22, 2009

Murder For Hire?

I was watching a show recently about a man who tried to hire his co-worker to murder his estranged wife. Fortunately, the co-worker went to the police and they set-up a sting and arrested the husband. Crazy? Definitely! Even crazier..... my first thought ..... "If anyone ever tries to hire me for murder, I'm going straight to the police!" I seriously thought this. Okay..... perhaps this summer television viewing is taking its toll on the ol' gray matter. I think it's time to go play in the garden!

Anyway..... I immediately began to laugh. Somehow I doubt that anyone is going to try and hire me, a vegetarian who feels bad killing spiders, to commit murder. But if they do by golly, rest assured, I will "do the right thing." This will most certainly make my parents proud. ;-

July 18, 2009

There's An Impostor Among Us

I start my vegetables from seed, with the exception of tomatoes. Tomato seeds are extremely tiny so I've never tried to cultivate them. In March I purchased 4 tomato plants ~ 2 cherry tomatoes and 2 different large red varieties. They were all clearly labeled. To me, all 3 inch tomato plants look pretty much the same. I decided to plant both of the cherry tomatoes near to one another. Once the plants became large enough to flower, I realized that something was a bit odd. One plant didn't have the same cluster pattern as the other. When the fruit began to form, it was obvious that I had an impostor on my hands. I figured that the large green fruit which was forming would eventually turn red. Well...... to my surprise, the fruit ripened to a beautiful yellow. The garden center where I purchased the plants didn't even sell yellow tomatoes. Talk about serendipity!

I always give thanks for any fruits or vegetables that I gather from the garden. Recently I found myself giving thanks for the error in labeling. -->Heaven only knows how many yellow tomatoes are out there pretending to be “Sweet 100’s!” Hopefully nobody lost a job over it. ;-) I cherish my little impostor. So much so, that I am going to save some seeds and try my hand at tomato germination next year. I love surprises. Especially the edible kind!

July 11, 2009

Magical Moments in the Garden

I had just stepped out into my garden the other day when I caught a brief glimpse of yellow floating by. I immediately ran inside for my camera, praying that my spectacular visitor would be there when I returned. Fortunately, it was still enjoying the nectar from the Butterfly Bush. I was fortunate enough to capture this wonderful photo. This particular butterfly is a Western Tiger Swallowtail.

I once felt that I was a bit odd grabbing binoculars when a rare bird made an appearance in my yard or dashing inside for my camera. I now realize that it is merely the childlike wonder and amazement that is peeking out. It's sad that we often lose that as we age. I no longer view these times as odd...... I view them as magical moments!