July 18, 2009

There's An Impostor Among Us

I start my vegetables from seed, with the exception of tomatoes. Tomato seeds are extremely tiny so I've never tried to cultivate them. In March I purchased 4 tomato plants ~ 2 cherry tomatoes and 2 different large red varieties. They were all clearly labeled. To me, all 3 inch tomato plants look pretty much the same. I decided to plant both of the cherry tomatoes near to one another. Once the plants became large enough to flower, I realized that something was a bit odd. One plant didn't have the same cluster pattern as the other. When the fruit began to form, it was obvious that I had an impostor on my hands. I figured that the large green fruit which was forming would eventually turn red. Well...... to my surprise, the fruit ripened to a beautiful yellow. The garden center where I purchased the plants didn't even sell yellow tomatoes. Talk about serendipity!

I always give thanks for any fruits or vegetables that I gather from the garden. Recently I found myself giving thanks for the error in labeling. -->Heaven only knows how many yellow tomatoes are out there pretending to be “Sweet 100’s!” Hopefully nobody lost a job over it. ;-) I cherish my little impostor. So much so, that I am going to save some seeds and try my hand at tomato germination next year. I love surprises. Especially the edible kind!


Lynn said...

What lovely bounty. I wonder what the yellow tomatoes taste like? Red tomatoes? LOL Or not? Wondering. Lots to be grateful for...absolutely!

Diane Folks said...

I'm jealous!!! My tomato plants are sitting there doing nothing. You need to come over and talk to them. Lynn, the yellow ones are delicious! They're not as acidic as the reds.

Libby Buttons said...

You must tell us how they taste! Gold nuggets of tomato. What a sweet surprise.