July 22, 2009

Murder For Hire?

I was watching a show recently about a man who tried to hire his co-worker to murder his estranged wife. Fortunately, the co-worker went to the police and they set-up a sting and arrested the husband. Crazy? Definitely! Even crazier..... my first thought ..... "If anyone ever tries to hire me for murder, I'm going straight to the police!" I seriously thought this. Okay..... perhaps this summer television viewing is taking its toll on the ol' gray matter. I think it's time to go play in the garden!

Anyway..... I immediately began to laugh. Somehow I doubt that anyone is going to try and hire me, a vegetarian who feels bad killing spiders, to commit murder. But if they do by golly, rest assured, I will "do the right thing." This will most certainly make my parents proud. ;-


Lynn said...

Oh darn, and I was just going to ask if you'd consider...

Libby Buttons said...

I might consider it in exchange for cleaning my oven and emptying the cat box...... my parents have become accustom to disappointment.