February 15, 2009

Does Modesty Begin In 1st Grade?

A few months ago Sara took my grandson Issac in for a physical. The nurse directed them to the exam room and told Sara to have Issac strip down to his undies and wait for the doctor. Issac must have been so preoccupied with all the "gadgets" that he didn't hear the instructions. Sara removed his shirt and told him to take his pants off before the doctor arrived. He turned to her with a look of shock and said, "You've gotta' be kidding me!" Sara tried not to giggle. She assured him that it would be okay. She told him that Mommy and Daddy have to do the same thing. Knowing that, he felt a bit better. I laugh each time I think of his comment. Children are so precious!

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Lynn said...

That is hysterical! I love it!
Too funny. What an astute kid...I am still laughing...