September 20, 2009

Back From NYC

This morning I let the cats out into the backyard and noticed their water bowl was tipped over. This is usually a sign that raccoons have visited during the night. After I closed the French door, I noticed 2 muddy paw prints on the lower glass pane. Apparently a little critter was curious as to what was inside. Thank goodness I don't have a doggy door.

I was suddenly reminded of a comment Issac made a few years ago. We were having a family dinner and I had mentioned seeing a few raccoons in the yard one night. Issac asked me what I had done with them. I told him that I knew they had come into the yard to eat fruit off the ground and I just let them be. Uncle Mike asked him what he would have done. He replied, "I would have taken them to New York City!" He then burst into laughter. During the next few days I kept thinking of his comment and some silly ideas began to flow. With a bit of computer cut and paste, I came up with the above picture. That is Issac as the cabbie and a raccoon as his passenger. Needless to say, he thought this picture was hilarious. (click on the picture for a close-up of these 2 handsome creatures)

Since I was sound asleep when my late night visitor arrived, I missed the chance to hear all about his NYC travels. Perhaps next time. ;-)


Lynn said...

You are so funny. Loved the story, but when I read the title at first I thought YOU were back from a trip to NYC! LOL
Jokes on me.
Have a restful Sunday.

Diane Folks said...

I am still laughing as I type this! That picture is wonderful. Now you definitely need to write a childrens' book to go with it.

Peter Folks said...


Libby Buttons said... cute!