August 28, 2012

Open for Business

 After many hours of sewing
my Etsy Shop is finally open.
Click on "Sugar Whimsy" above 
and take a peek at my current creations.
I am working on a few new patterns 
and hope to have those done 
by the end of next month.

If you have a chance to view the shop
please post comments 
to let me know what you think. 


Lynn Cohen said...

I visited your shop! The aprons are adorable! I wish you many many happy sales!

Did you know Mr. M. retired in June? He did! ;-)

TerBear said...

Thank you Lynn!

Great news about my good friend Mr. M. That's great for you too.

Please tell him I said Hi and that I've finally stopped carrying invisible spiders. :-)

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Hi TerBear...

I replied to your comment about Libby on my Blogger page, so thought I'd take a gander at your page.
I looked at your Etsy store and your aprons are so cute!
I also had an Etsy store last year that I never got up and running but I've made a new craft space for myself and am getting ready to open a store again...this time I'll actually stock it :)

The best to you and good luck with your store!

Elizabeth Rhiannon