December 16, 2012

Summer in my Heart ♥

Winter has not officially arrived, but our winter weather has.  Snow is falling as I write this.  Our property looks like a magical winter wonderland.  Growing up near Sacramento I was never able to completely relate to the beautiful Currier and Ives winter scenes.  To me, winter has always brought with it rain and fog.  Winter snow is a new experience for me.  As wonderful as my new winter scene is, I miss the beautiful colors of my garden. 

I'm not one to sit idle for very long and I find it difficult to stay out in the cold for extended periods.... so.... I have been a little crazy.  Oh, and stir crazy as well.  :-)  I decided that sitting by the fire and embroidering might be a nice combination.  I initially planned on embroidering a winter scene;  perhaps a snowman or two.  While looking for a transfer pattern I came upon Sublime Stitching's "Dream Garden" and immediately knew that this was the one! 

"Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow" .... for there's Summer in my Heart!  ♥


Diane Folks said...

That is beautiful! Sublime Stitching has wonderful patterns. Enjoy the snow. It's the perfect excuse to stay inside and do needlework. If you could see your garden, you would feel like you should go take care of it. There's plenty of time for all that.

Lynn Cohen said...

I love how you decided to take care of yourself creatively while adjusting to new winter life!
It's a very pretty piece! If it becomes too much drive down and visit us in snow free Vacaville! ;-)

Libby Buttons said...

This is lovely TerBear...I am enjoying catching up on your posts..missed you...
Libbt Buttons