November 9, 2008

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is also a necessity when you own a computer! Do you ever feel as if your computer has a mind of its own? I've felt that way recently. It seems that right when I'm at a crucial point, my computer totally freezes. Since it happens without warning, I have no time to exit the program, much less save my work. I can handle the usual "my computer is frozen, Ctrl - Alt - Del, end task, back in business." Unfortunately, my most recent experiences have been, "my computer is completely frozen, tried every trick I know (minus the use of a hammer) - NOTHING WORKS, unable to shut-down properly, resort to turning it off while the programs are running." Then..... patiently waiting to try the entire process again.

While sitting and waiting patiently this morning, I was reminded of an Ellen Degeneres skit from her Here and Now special. Anybody who knows me will attest to my silly sense of humor, so this is right up my alley. Prior to the quote below, Ellen was talking about the fact that our society has become far too rushed and impatient. 

"Yes, we're lazy. Yet we also can't seem to sit still. So we've started making things like Go-Gurt. That's yogurt for people on the go. Let me ask you, was there a big mobility problem with yogurt before? How time-consuming was it, really? [pretending to be on the phone:] "Hello?...Oh, hi, Tom...oh, I've been dying to see that movie...Umm, no...I just opened up some yogurt...Yeah, I'm in for the night...No, not even later-it's the kind with fruit on the bottom. Well, have fun. Thanks anyway." :-)

I guess I could break down and buy a new computer, but there is no guarantee that the new one will be trouble free. Instead, I've decided to use these moments as lessons in patience. Hey.... the next time I'm waiting on my computer, I'll grab a good ol' fashioned container of yogurt. No Go-Gurt needed for this girl.


Chokolatoza*~ said...

yOu bet! patience is a virtue!!
tHe mOst beautiful tHings in life... come without been expecting for them. patient can make a lot of difference when yOu are trying to do something...!

Lynn said...

Sorry you are having computer problems. Mine acts out sometimes too. Groan! Patience? Yes, an important virture. I had to be patient Friday after a guy rear ended me and I stood on a busy intersection waiting for help to needing to be patient waiting for AAA to make a report, so I can take my car in to be fixed and will have to be patient for how ever long that will take... etc. etc. etc. I didn't ask to be rear ended so none of the insuing events are on my "want to do list" either. Please pass the yogurt.
;-) Hope this computer does not crash before I get this comment to you. I've had enough crashes for a while!