November 23, 2008

Snowman....... Sacramento Style

Snow in the Sacramento area is a VERY rare thing. Instead of heading to the mountains, I decided to make a Feltman. Actually, he is missing a body so a more accurate term might be Felthead. :-)

I cut out this little guy and added some eyeshadow for the cheeks, beads, sequins, buttons, and rick-rack. I then hand stitched everything together with "invisible thread." I lost count of the exact number of attempts it took for these middle-aged eyes to thread a needle with "invisible" thread. Let's just say....... it was quite a few. Despite the needle threading difficulties, I find hand sewing very relaxing.

The photo doesn't do this fellow much justice, but I think you get the general idea.  Holding the project up with one hand and taking the photo with the other was almost as tricky as walking and chewing gum. I made a little pocket at the top so I can run a small dowel through and attach a ribbon for hanging. I am happy with my prototype, although I may change the mouth on any future versions. Since he was my first, I am leaving him just the way he is!


Diane said...

He's so cute!!! The black rick-rack makes it pop! I'll have to bring in my latest project. I've been a soldering fool!

Lynn said...

I think Mr. Felt head is delightful! And the stitches are so small and perfect. I hear you about invisable thread! How can one thread something that is invisable anyway?
Looks like you will have a very jolly Christmas at your house!

Love the flicker photos too.