January 10, 2009

Michael has been deployed - along with a piece of my heart!

Graduation from the USNA - May 2007

A few quiet moments with his Sweetheart before leaving yesterday.

To my precious son and close friend:

May this be a time of adventure as you see and experience new places

May the beauty of the setting sun over the ocean take your breath away

May the continual roll of the waves remind you of my constant prayers for you

May you easily recall moments of sheer joy when loneliness sneaks up

May the immense love that I feel for you travel beside you wherever you go

And may God bring you home safely


Diane Folks said...

Your heart must be aching! What a heartwrenching post. Your words are beautiful.

Lynn said...

What a touching post Terri...
What a hanesome son...
I can see/hear how proud you are, and how much you love him of course.
Do you know where he is going to be stationed or is it secret?
I too pray he will remain safe throughout his tour of duty.

Dale J. Harrington said...

Hello Loving and Lovely Daughter:

Reading your loving comments brought tears to my eyes. Mike is so lucky to have you as his mom, and he knows it. I have witnessed his love for you many times.

My prayers accompany your prayers for the safe return of Mike and his "buds" on his ship.

Your Admiring and Loving Dad

Libby Buttons said...

A shout up to heaven just now, from me on behalf of your son. From one mother to another, I continue to lift up out troops in prayer daily and salute their courageous efforts.
LiBBy BuTTons