January 15, 2009


Those of you familiar with crafts have probably heard the acronym UFO. In fact, you may have a few floating around your house. For those new to the craft world, UFO stands for Unfinished Objects. For some reason, UFO has a bit of a negative feel to me. I have decided that those wonderful projects in bins and drawers are WIP (Works In Progress). I must admit, I have a few of those at my house.

I wanted to share this WIP with you. Perhaps it will motivate me to put down the books and embroidery for a bit and return to my sewing machine. I have machine pieced many projects, but this is my first attempt at machine quilting. I have all my layers pinned together and ready to go. So far, I have quilted one of the sewing machines. Once I finish with that I will go back and add needles and complete the spools of thread. I'll post it when I'm finished, but please don't hold your breath. I'd hate to see my friends turn blue. ;-)


Diane Folks said...

WIP...I like it! That's a fun quilt you are making! In one of my Art and Soul classes, a few of us were talking about unfinished projects and the instructor said she didn't have anything. She said she doesn't start a new one until she finishes what she is working on. We looked at her like she had 2 heads!

Lynn said...

I guess I fall into the two headed catagory. I mostly finish something before starting something new...OR I can be doing one quilt, and one or two knitted projects, but they all get done in close time. Just obsessive that way I guess.

I do like your sewing machines. I bet you can have fun top stitching them! Got a new book today on Thread Painting that looks exciting.
One on embellishments too.
Joanne's had some good sale coupons at 40-50% off! HAD to use them!!!