April 9, 2009

A Memorable Day in the Woods

This past Saturday, Rich and I spent a wonderful day at Muir Woods National Monument. It's amazing how small we look compared to this giant redwood!

Redwood Creek runs along the forest floor. The sound of the flowing water, and the sun reflecting off the water's surface were very soothing and serene. This was one of my favorite parts of the forest!

This unpaved path is known as the Ocean View trail. Funny.... it felt like a 3 mile hike up, but only a little over a mile back down. ;-)

We saw many types of wildflowers. This cute little clover caught my eye. It must be the Irish in me.

This was the final ascent to the viewing rock at the top of the trail. I love the split rail fence.

The view was spectacular. I could see the ocean off in the distance and the amazing forest below. To quote one of my favorite songs, "Our God is an awesome God!" How blessed we are to have opportunities each day to witness His wonderful creations.

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Lynn said...

Terry you look stunning on the peak of that stunning view. And the tree is hugging you and your man! I haven't been to Muir Woods in years and years...I must tell DH it's time to go again! Thanks for taking us on your walk...the photos are all wonderful to see.