March 5, 2013

Act My Age?

When the snowy winter blues hit, I decided to battle them with a happy kind of blue.  Last summer I bought some fun fabrics to add to my stash.  I really didn't have any specific plans for them, but it's hard to pass up a good sale.  :-)   

When I pulled out the kitty fabric as a possibility for this blouse, 
my first thought was, 
"You're 51...... do you really think the bright kitties 
are age appropriate?"  

Fortunately this was followed by the thought,
"Life's too short to care!" 

Which brings me around to my new favorite Anne Taintor magnet.

So I'm chasing rainbows and wearing them too!


Lynn Cohen said...

In my book 51 is still young enough to wear brightly colored cats! In fact at 71 I'd do the same! Enjoy life! That's what it's all about. Love the magnet too! Hi!

TerBear said...

Lynn, I'm wearing my blouse for the first time today and I'm feeling like a spring chicken. :-) Thanks for stopping by. Please tell that wonderful guitar playing, history buff, that his old friend says hello.

Abbey Crafton said...

I love the way you think Terri!

TerBear said...

Thanks Darly! It's fun being an old soul with a young girl's heart. ♥