August 30, 2008

The Cotton Cloth Dilemma

I recently found a cotton dishcloth pattern that sounded interesting, so I dusted off my knitting needles. I made a couple changes as I went along. Just saying that makes me sound like such a creative, experienced knitter! "Yeah, I threw in a purl stitch here and a few knit stitches there." In actuality, I made a mistake and knitted the same row twice on one end, so I decided to match my "mistake" when I got to the opposite end.

Now that I'm finished knitting my cute dishcloth, you'd think I would immediately begin using it. I enjoy wearing the scarves I have knitted and I've always worn the clothing I've sewn, but this is different. None of those items have been used to wipe up spills. After hours, (yes ~ hours to make this little cloth) I can't stand the thought of grape juice stains all over it. I guess I could limit its use to water spills, but that would be silly. So...... just as candles are made to be burned, cotton cloths are made to be used. Its off to the sink.
P.S. I don't think there's any harm in switching to white grape juice, do you? ;-)


Diane Folks said...

You should just artfully hang it over your faucet. It just like those cute guest towels in bathrooms that are too good to use so you just wipe your hands on your pants.

TerBear said...

Hey.... thanks for the great idea Diane. :-)

Lynn said...

I'd see the purple grape stains as art...tye dye perhaps...or abstract. Go for it.

Welcome to my blog too. Fun to have you as a "follower". ;-)