August 8, 2008

"Dinner's Ready!"

Vegetarian bean tostadas are one of my favorite entrees! Ahh.... crisp corn tortillas, beans, salsa, sour cream, and a little lettuce. Yum! As I was frying my tortilla yesterday, I set off the smoke alarm. The tortilla didn't actually burn, but the oil was so hot it began to smoke. When the alarm sounded I immediately began to laugh. Not something you usually do when there is smoke in the house, but it triggered a funny memory. Years ago, our neighbor was notorious for burning their meals. Since we often had our windows open, we could hear their smoke alarm go off. She was a good sport about it and it became a fun joke. She once told me that when the smoke alarm would sound, her family knew that dinner was ready. Funny, after all those years, that was my first thought. Dinner's ready! They moved away long ago, but many happy memories of their friendship remain, and burnt dinners are one of them.

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Diane Folks said...

That is a hilarious story!!! And wherever did you find that awesome clip art to accompany it?