September 14, 2008

Alien Invasion

When this picture was taken, my grandson Issac was barely able to walk. His speech was a mixture of real words and baby babbling. Fast forward 5 years. That "little" guy is now in first grade and has a wonderful vocabulary that often amazes me.

He and I enjoy going on little trips. Yesterday we went to the local children's theater and saw a great play! Part of our time together is spent in the car as we travel from place to place. A couple years ago, my car suddenly became a spaceship. Each time we would prepare to leave Issac would say, "Blast off Grammy." He wasn't satisfied with me saying okay and then doing nothing. How can a spaceship blast off without making any adjustments to the instrument panel? So, our tradition began. My defroster button soon became our turbo boosters. I occasionally had to make other adjustments per the pilot’s instructions as we neared various planets.

About a year ago, the old space ship was scrapped for an intergalactic transport vehicle. It may look like an ordinary Camry, but believe me, it has super powers. Yesterday we were fighting off aliens. "6088" of them to be exact. They are pretty clever those aliens. No matter which buttons I pushed, we just couldn't rid ourselves of them. Have you ever tried driving down Interstate 80 while being pursued by 6088 creatures? It's pretty tricky. Fortunately my trusty captain was able to call out orders from his carseat in the back of the vehicle. One of his first orders was, "Step on it Grammy!" I must admit that the comment caused me to burst into laughter. I had to collect myself quickly, since fighting off aliens is certainly no laughing matter. Just as we neared our destination, I was able to hand the captain the item that I believe saved us from our demise…... the invisible shield tool. (Aka tire pressure gauge) With that, we were safe and sound.

I treasure my times with Issac. Experience tells me that my little captain will one day be grown and my car will be just that..... a car. My soul aches at the thought. I use that ache as my reminder to stay focused on the "now" and savor every special moment.

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Lynn said...

Terry, I teared up between laughter reading this wonderful fun time(s) you have with Issac.
I thought if that were me I'd be slamming on the gas when told to get going grammy! Oy, I'd have so many tickets it wouldn't be funny as I tried to lift my space ship into the galaxy. So well written this. copy it and save it for him. Make a book, perhaps you have one already started, or add it to a photo album.
Do you use My Publisher by any chance? I have albums of our grandkids from conception to now in four albums so far I made on line and I add their art and stories too.
Thanks for sharing. Lucky Issac!!!