September 28, 2008

Baseball Glove Warning Tag?

"Placing your Wilson Ball Glove in the microwave or oven Will damage the glove and is Not recommended."
Pardon me if I sound presumptuous, but isn't this common sense? I wonder how many lawsuits Wilson had to prompt this warning. I feel so naive. I had no idea that there are people who try to bake their baseball gloves. 
Darn, what am I to do now? No microwave or oven use? I'm not sure if it will fit in my toaster ~ but I'll try! ;-)


Lynn said...

How funny, strange? Would someone do this to dry the sweat from the glove? Did you google this to find out why? Let us know if you do.

And happy birthday Issac!
That sure was a lot of money for one little kid! What will he buy with it I wonder?

Lynn said...

I just took a longer look at your side bar and found my way to the Jewish recipe section. I LOVE the UTUBE show there about foods and how they look like parts of the body and actually help that very part! Thank you for posting this.
It is so beautiful. A nice way to start my day today Terry. Thank you. Shalom!

TerBear said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm happy you like the Jewish recipe site. I love it too! It has so many great recipes AND lots of interesting information. I am a gentile girl with a love of Judaica. :-)