September 7, 2008

Self-Induced Chaos

On Sunday mornings I'm a phone volunteer for the Wildlife Care Association. I call each hour to pick-up messages then return calls to assist people who have found orphaned or injured wildlife. It is difficult doing this away from home via cell phone because there are times when I need to access wildlife information from my computer. So ....... Sundays until 1:00 p.m. I stay put.

Being one who likes to make good use of my time, I do the weekly laundry between calls. I also do a bit of cleaning and water the garden. I decided this week that each Sunday I could also use this time to try new recipes. I found one for oatmeal butterscotch cookies that sounded interesting and I actually had all the ingredients on hand!

Well, I must say that my multi-tasking skills aren't quite what they were when my children were young. Timers have become my Sunday morning partners. I set a timer to check WCA phone messages each hour, a timer for the laundry, a timer to move the hose in the garden, and a timer for the cookies (which kept ringing every 8 to 10 minutes). Whenever a buzzer sounded I wasn't sure which way to turn. In addition, I was getting pretty hungry smelling those cookies baking, so lunch preparation got thrown into the mix. (figuratively speaking) Remember the Lucy and Ethel "Chocolate Factory" episode, where the conveyer belt kept spitting out the candy faster and faster? I could relate, although the pace wasn't quite as fast.

I must say that even though it was a bit crazy, for the most part, it all worked out well. A few young birds and a pair of baby squirrels were taken to the Wildlife Care Facility, the laundry was washed and put away, the cookies came out very nicely, plus I had a yummy lunch. Even more amazing was the fact that I didn't put the laundry in the oven or the cookies in the dryer. Of course not you say? Well......... I found my phone in the refrigerator recently. Old age, or too much multi-tasking? I vote for multi-tasking! I'm way too young to be old. Besides, I believe I read once that phones need a good chill every now and then. Must make the batteries last longer. ;-)

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Jen hinton said...

That's too funny...occasionally I will find that I have accidentally put a bag of frozen peas...or some other freezer type the pantry! I laugh when I find it myself, but when kurt finds it, I feel kinda silly!