October 12, 2008

Water, Sunshine, & Persistence = Cotton!

Click on the top photo to enlarge

The top photo shows the growth process from seed to the final cotton. The beautiful flower in the second photo appears first on the plant. For those of you familiar with flowers, you might notice the similarity to Hibiscus or Hollyhock since they are all in the Mallow family.

Yesterday morning was the first time I noticed that my plants had produced cotton. Judging by my reaction, you would have thought I'd just struck gold! I have tried to grow cotton for the past 2 years. I got my seeds in the ground earlier this year so the plant had time to produce before the cold temperatures hit. Hooray, I was finally successful. I am so proud of my miniature harvest! Thank goodness I wasn't planning on making any clothing from this crop. After I remove the seeds, (cotton gin not needed ) I might have just enough to make a pair of denim jeans......... for a mouse. ;-) Believe me, I have a new appreciation for the cotton industry. I can't imagine how many plants are necessary to make one cotton blouse or pair of pants!

I actually grew the plants in hopes of sharing the process with the students. I think they will be fascinated to learn that some of their clothing material began as a plant. I am eager to see their reactions.


Lynn said...

Huge Congratulations on your Harvest of Cotton! I can hear your pride and excitement. This is wonderful. I was imagining growing enough to spin and knit a sock or sweater even. Ok, a scarf???
Maybe... Way to go!!!!!

jen said...

Teri I would love to gather all of your cotton harvest and use it to shove up someone's.......pillow!...what were you thinking? Seriously thanks for showing us. it is really neat to visually see the plant in these forms quite educational...every time I see raw cotton I think of that Sally feild movie places in the heart...very good movie. If I ever find it we should watch it..you posts are alway interesting and educational..simple yet intriguing...You are one cool chick