December 19, 2008

"I'll be found in You"

I have been a spiritual person for as long as I can remember. As I was growing up my parents and grandparents encouraged me to believe in something far greater than myself. It was never forced upon me, it was modeled. I try to follow that example and stay true to my beliefs and treat others with love and respect. 

There have been many dark times throughout the years. During those trying times, my faith has been shaken, but I never stopped loving God. I feel God's Divine Spirit in me.... and all around me. From the whisper of the breeze to the warm embrace of another. I believe that there is a spark of that Divine Spirit within each of us. And through that Spirit, we are connected to one another.

This past week has been one of personal sadness and loss. It has been a time of wondering why special people leave the earth far too soon. Why life unfolds the way it does. I realize that those answers are not to be known. At least not now.

I believe in coincidences but I think they are often "Godincidences." So many times I have been led to exactly what or who I needed at that very moment. Yesterday was one of those times. The deaths of two sweet acquaintances this week broke my heart. I was sitting at my computer attempting to find something to keep my mind off the sadness when I decided to focus on a new blog template. While at a particular site, a Godincidence occurred. The song link (that I have shared above) popped up. I cried as I listened, acknowledging the timing of this completely unrelated "find." I cried as the lyrics spoke to my heart. "When the world has fallen out from under me, I'll be found in you, still standing...... You make all things new." Just the reminder that my soul longed to hear.

I was so touched by the use of people of all races and ages in the video. It gave me a strong visual of my belief that we truly are all connected. How blessed we are to have a God who never leaves us and a world of people to share that love with.

* Shadowfeet sung by Brooke Fraser

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Diane Folks said...

Losing people, even aquaintances, reminds us of our short time here on Earth. The holidays only add to this sadness. I hope you are feeling better!