December 14, 2008

Carrying on a Tradition

Last Sunday, my little buddy (striking a silly pose) and I had a blast making gingerbread cookies. Unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries before I could take any pictures of our creations. The Santa cookies are from another batch the following afternoon. Believe me, Issac's cookies were much more original and better looking! We had bears, angels, stars, lollipops with sprinkles, and of course ..... a few gingerbread men. Sara came in and made some cookies as well. All three of us ended up dusted in flour. It looked like it was snowing inside. Ahhh..... just like old times. I remember her and Michael baking with me when they were Issac's age. It's fun to share those family traditions. I have wonderful memories of baking with my grandmother, who fortunately is still with us at 92. She was so patient as we (my brother, sister, and I) played in the flour and rolled out our miniature pie crust creations loaded with cinnamon and sugar. :-)

Although I never baked with my great-grandmother (my Grossmutter) I watched her many times. She was a wonderful cook. I remember how fascinated I was watching her drop and cut the Spaetzle into the boiling broth. Watching the process was certainly fun, but eating the Spaetzle was even better. Being the mother to 7 children, she spent many hours cooking and baking! She gathered her own eggs and baked her own bread. She was known for her fresh Elderberry pies and German spice cookies. The rolling pin that Issac is holding was hers. If it could talk, oh the wonderful stories it would tell. Hundreds of pie crusts and rolled cookies were lovingly made by this beautiful woman. My Grossmutter is no longer here in body, but she is with me in spirit. It is my hope that Issac will have fond memories of his times laughing and baking with his Grammy.

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Diane Folks said...

What a beautiful story! Isaac is very lucky that he too will have such precious memories.