December 22, 2008

Surprise! TerBear Loves Bears

I love bears, so it seemed very fitting when many years ago a sweet girl named Casey nicknamed me TerBear. She and her twin brother Keith lived down the street as they were growing up. They played with my children, Sara & Michael, and quickly became part of our family. I have so many fun memories of them. They are 27 now and no longer live a hop, skip, and jump away. Although they have moved on, they're always near in thought. 

I came across this cute bear transfer in my stash of patterns. There are seven bears in all. There's one chore for each day of the week. This pattern is Mend Day. When I am finished, you will see stitching on the little patches. I'm not quite sure what this little project is for, but not to worry.... all bears find good homes at TerBear's house. ;-)


Lynn said...

Dear TerBear, I loved learning the story behind your "name". I hope those grown kids come to visit from time to time. The little bear embroidery project looks relaxing to do. I am sure they will find good homes or uses when done.

Happy Holidays to you!!!
and Happy NEW YEAR!

Diane Folks said...

This is so cute! I can't wait to see the other six days of the week!