June 16, 2009

"Anchors Aweigh"

Since my quilted wall hanging has a nautical theme, I decided to try out a few terms from the sea while sharing this post with you. Some phrases might be a bit antiquated, but remember, I am a "land lubber" ~ not an experienced sailor.

Last fall I spotted this adorable sailor boy and girl on Stitchy Britches. At the time, I had no idea how to turn a drawing into an embroidery transfer. I must admit that I was ready to "cut and run" but decided to hang on to the "bitter end." Before "launching" into my research I made a quick trip to the "galley" for a hot "cup of joe." After a bit of "skylarking" I decided I'd better "turn-to."

I didn't have any problem with the embroidery or hand quilting. Binding the quilt was another story. I initially felt as if someone "had taken the wind out of my sails." In the past, I have used the birthing method which is fairly easy and requires no binding. I was tempted to "abandon ship" and "deep six" the project, but I just didn't have the heart to leave this cute duo unfinished. Once I watched this helpful How to Bind a Quilt video I began "making headway." Once I was "running on an even keel" I completed my wall hanging. I'm very happy that I got it "squared away." I've enjoyed sharing my quilt and "spinning a yarn" for you.

"Eight Bells and All Is Well" :-)


Lynn said...

I read this aloud to DH who is a very nautical person at heart and he laughed saying "That is really cute!"
I liked it too and bravo for sticking to and getting it done!

Diane Folks said...

This turned out so cute! I'm impressed that it didn't end up in a closet like my stuff does when I get stuck! On-line videos have gotten me out of many a pickle, though. You've done a ship-shape job!