June 26, 2009

Rarely A Dull Moment

I learned a few interesting things yesterday!

When the power goes out, elevators stop working.

It's a bit unnerving when the elevator suddenly stops and you are stuck inside.

Not all buildings have back-up generators.

Cell phones work inside some elevators,
and 911 is a handy feature.

After about 10 minutes,
the elevator begins to feel a bit stuffy.

You have to yell pretty loud
for the firefighters to hear you.

A metal coat hanger works wonders
in the hands of a skilled rescuer.

I remained calm the entire time!
Not bad for a girl who used to be very claustrophobic.
Spelunking helped cure me of that. :-)


Lynn said...

wondering where you were to get stuck in an elevator. Glad you survived so well. Not sure at all how i would do!!!

Diane Folks said...

Where were you? People always get stuck on elevators on All My Children! Usually, it's 2 people who are destined to be together but are estranged. During the time they are stuck, romance ensues! I guess real life is not like that since you didn't mention being stuck with anyone. Are you up for a craft session at Starbucks soon?

Libby Buttons said...

OMG..almost as bad as being buried alive in my neurotic mind.


aka "LiBBy BuTTons"