June 8, 2009

Perfection not required

The two major careers of my life, Dental Assisting and working as a librarian, have required perfection and extreme organization. My attention to detail and organizational skills have helped me immensely at work. The problem is, those same traits have really thrown a "monkey wrench" in my creativity. I have so many fun ideas dancing through my head, yet I hesitate to play unless I feel that the outcome will look close to what I believe is perfect.

Well..... as of today, I am turning over a new leaf. I've decided that "perfect" is whatever feels good to ME, no matter what that inner critic is saying. With that, I present my little Monkey Boy! He is filled with whimsy and mischief, much like his creator. ;-) Granted he won't grace the walls of the Louvre, but he will bring a smile to my face and remind me that it's okay to color outside the lines. Here's to the freedom we feel when we let our imaginations come out to play!


Lynn said...

Terry, your monkey boy is adorable and I do love the lines you have drawn that give him so much personality.
The reason I chose to make art quilts as opposed to traditional quilts was BECAUSE I could draw outside the lines, even outside the BOX! It made everything OKAY, Anything Goes! So let yourself fly.
I encourage you to join the art groups here on line, as the inspiration and encouragement is so rewarding. It keeps me going/creating every single day.
(Any of the artists in my side bar; groups like Cactus Monday; ATC trading; etc. will help you meet more bloggers of like mind and get that stiumlus.)I'll email you a list of the people who draw freely!

Diane Folks said...

But he IS perfect! I love him to pieces!!!

Libby Buttons said...

You goT iT righT ! Now go make yourself happy and create for you !