May 30, 2009

Lynn's ATC's

My friend Lynn recently created a new blog for her ATC's. I must admit that initially I had no idea what an ATC was. I figured a quick check on Wikipedia would solve that. Well...... there's a long list of items for that acronym. Judging by Lynn's wonderfully stitched and hand painted ATC's, I was able to whittle the list down. I felt pretty confident that she was not referring to Air Traffic Controllers ... the Appalachian Trail Conservancy ..... Automatic Train Controls .... and most certainly not Ancillary Terrestrial Components. Not that there's anything wrong with Ancillary Terrestrial Components mind you, I just think they'd be a bit difficult to whip up on a sewing machine. Undaunted in my quest for the elusive ATC definition, I finally struck gold. Artist Trading Cards! Okay, now that makes sense. These miniature works of art are the size of a baseball cards and made to be traded. Below are just a couple examples of Lynn's work which she kindly gave me permission to post.

She made the beautiful flower with watercolors. For the cute stitched card, she used batik fabric and green dyed recycled dryer sheets. Yes...... she is creative with a capital C!

I want to mention that Lynn's original blog is titled "Lynn - Getting my feet wet" Check it out and you will agree with me that she has moved WAY past getting her feet wet. In my opinion, she has crossed the English Channel. ;-) She is a multi-talented artist, with a zest for life. She is a wife, mom, grandma, photographer, quilter, and painter who has a loving, compassionate soul. She has inspired me in many ways.

Huge TerBear Hugs to you my friend


Lynn said...

Terri, thanks so much for your blog post today that made me laugh and smile!

If there are others out there wanting to trade ATCs with me they can link to

I Love trading artist trading cards and in fact am keeping them in a binder filled with "baseball card holders"!

Thanks again, and have a wonderful Sunday! Only one more week of school!!!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh you picked some nice ones of hers too. She is an amazing Artist isnt she?!!
It is daunting trying to find out what ATC means. Seems life is full of enitials anymore. BMW, DVD, ATV, ETC. now ATC. Who needs to learn English. LOL

Diane Folks said...

Wow! These are very pretty. Lynn is amazing! Tomorrow I'll take pictures (and finally post to poor neglected "Third Wish") a photo of my mini quilt made with ATCs.