May 11, 2009

"Steve's been shot."

May 11, 1993 began as a beautiful, sunny day. It ended as a nightmare. The moment I heard, “Steve’s been shot”….. my world froze. Those words, and the events that followed, will forever be etched in my memory. Upon hearing the news that every law enforcement wife fears, I felt as if time abruptly stopped. I had a difficult time understanding how this could be. I had just spoken to him a couple hours earlier. After the words sunk in, I felt as if my world, my life, suddenly began spinning out of control.

Telling Sara and Michael that their Dad had been shot was incredibly difficult. I tried to comfort them, yet I felt as if my heart was being torn in half. Family, friends, and fellow officers were equally shocked and saddened.

I grew up hearing that all things happen for a reason. 16 years later, I still haven’t quite figured out the reason, but I have seen the good, and I am so thankful for the outcome. The good is ~ he is not bitter about the shooting that robbed him of part of his eyesight and his position as a Deputy Sheriff. The good is ~ he had lots of time to spend with Sara, Michael, and I while he was healing. The good… rather, the GREAT news is ~ he survived!

Although we are no longer married, he is (and always will be) one of my dearest friends. He is a good man and a wonderful father.

Happy 16th “Second lease on life” Steve.

With love and admiration,



Lynn said...

Terry, what a shocking story. I'm glad he survived and is okay today.
(I hope so anyway)...
I have counseled several wives of fallen officers...very very traumatic situations. So sad.
I'm glad you and Steve can still be friends.

Diane Folks said...

I'm sure just thinking of those three words makes your blood run cold. I'm glad that he got a second lease on life.