July 17, 2008

Fuzzy Pollinators

Being a gardener has so many perks. One of them is bees. Yes, bees. Those little creatures that send people running for cover in a matter of seconds. Fortunately, I've never really been afraid of them. In fact, I am fascinated by them, and find myself grateful for their work as pollinators. The fuzzy little insect in the photo is a bumble bee I spotted in my garden. A closer look at the photo shows how fuzzy she is. I'm assuming it's a she since all the worker bees are female. Hey...... ALL the workers are female? Hmmm..... :-)

I was an apiarist (beekeeper) for a couple years. It was fun watching those busy little bees make all that honey. Once Issac (my grandson) was able to run all around the yard, I felt it might be better to sell my hive, rather than worry about him getting stung. Perhaps someday, when Issac is older, he and “Grammy” can raise bees together.

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