July 19, 2008

From Tree to Table

My "crop" of plums was wonderful this year. There are plums for the fruit bowl, plums for sharing, plums for baking, and plums for the squirrels and birds that frequent the yard. In the past, I have made plum jam. I decided to try something MUCH easier this year. I found this cobbler recipe on the internet. It was very easy to make. You could substitute the plums with other fruit. Peaches or apricots would be wonderful. Please e-mail me if you are interested in the recipe link. 

My cobbler isn't going to win any blue ribbons for appearance, (I was a bit embarrassed posting it, ) but my taste testers gave me the thumbs up. I know taste is what's most important. Before I bake my next one, I'll be sure to have some vanilla ice-cream on hand for a yummy a la mode treat. :-)

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